Infuse concentrates reduce plastic waste by 70%.

Reduce plastic waste by 70% with Infuse concentrates.
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Infuse concentrates reduce plastic waste by 70%.

We wanted to know how much plastic our products make unnecessary. So we found out.

Remember the days when a grocery clerk would ask, at checkout: “Paper or Plastic”? The push for plastic bags, in those days, was to slow the felling of trees. According to the Forest Ecology Network, in 1999 alone more than 14 million trees were chopped down to create paper shopping bags; a single 15 to 20-year-old tree makes only 700 bags. But we all know that plastic also has its shortcomings: it takes around 3 gallons of oil to produce those same 700 plastic bags. So how can we reduce plastic use, too?

Today, many of us carry our own shopping bags or at least are ready to recycle the plastic when we get home. But having to choose between difficult choices is nothing new for people who care about the planet. 

At Infuse, we believe that the best way to reduce waste is never to create it in the first place. Yes, plastic is the best material to deliver cleaning liquid refills of Infuse cleaning solution. But from day one, we have been committed to creating as little as possible. 

How much less? We wanted to find out, so we undertook a study to determine exactly how much Infuse can reduce the use of plastic that goes into the trash, and so to landfill.

As it turns out, the use of Infuse cartridges is an average reduction of 70% plastic waste.

How we tested.

We tested a range of competitors’ products – both handheld spray bottles and cleaning liquid refills. In order to be as accurate as possible in our study, we measured the weight of plastic discarded each time a user refills the same product. This means that we measured every component that is not the cleaning liquid itself. And since different products come in different sizes, in order to make sure that we were leveling the field as much as possible, we quantified the amount of plastic discarded per milliliter of cleaning solution. 

We tested a wide range of competitor products: Swiffer, Bona, Mrs. Meyers, Method, Seventh Generation, Windex, EverSpring, Scrubbing Bubbles, Spic and Span, Clorox, Mr. Clean, and Love Home & Planet. 

For each of these products, the plastic per milliliter ranged from 0.0343 g/mL to 0.1327 g/mL. In contrast, because our cleaner is a concentrate, with a “just add water” approach, the total plastic weight of an Infuse cartridge is 13.8 grams. The plastic per milliliter of each cartridge is 0.0179 g/mL.


Here are the exact numbers:



plastic weight [g]

mL of cleaner

plastic [g] per mL of cleaner

plastic reduction per mL of cleaner*

Infuse Concentrate 13.8 710.4 0.0194 N/A 
Bona - 22 oz. 86.4 651.2 0.1327 -85%
Bona Hardwood Floor  - 96oz. 140.6 2841.6 0.0495 -64%
Bona Hardwood Floor  - 34oz. 88.3 1006.4 0.0877 -80%
Bona Hardwood Floor - 128oz. 193.9 3788.8 0.0512 -65%
Clorox Cleanup - 32oz. 77.6 947.2 0.0819 -76%
EverSpring - 28oz. 69.7 828.8 0.0841 -77%
Fabuloso Multi Purpose - 56oz. 60.6 1657.6 0.0366 -51%
Love Home & Planet - 23 oz. 73.7 680.8 0.1083 -82%
Method - 23oz. 69.5 680.8 0.1021 -81%
Method - 25oz. 55.6 740 0.0751 -76%
Method - 68oz. 94 2012.8 0.0467 -58%
Mr. Clean Multi Surface - 45oz. 67.1 1332 0.0504 -64%
Mrs. Meyers - 16oz. 61.4 473.6 0.1296 -85%
Mrs. Meyers - 32oz. 64.7 947.2 0.0683 -72%
Scrubbing Bubbles - 32oz. 73 947.2 0.0771 -75%
Seventh Generation - 23 oz. 74.6 680.8 0.1096 -82%
Spic & Span Cleaner - 32oz. 87.3 947.2 0.0922 -79%
Swiffer - 42.2oz. 74.5 1249.12 0.0596 -70%
Windex - 23oz. 66.1 680.8 0.0971 -80%
Windex - 68 oz. 69.1 2012.8 0.0343 -43%

*compared to Infuse Concentrate


All of the clean, 70% less waste.

In short, Infuse products create less than 1/2 the waste of our nearest pre-diluted competitor and nearly 1/10 that of the greatest offender. Out of all of the products we studied, Infuse creates an average of 70% less waste. 

Just think, if every person in the United States replaced one disposable spray bottle with one of Infuse’s reusable, refillable spray bottle, there would be around 15,888,000,000 fewer bottles going into our landfills over the next few years. Yes, that’s 15 billion with a “b.” And since every Infuse spray bottle can be refilled at least 48 times, it really adds up.

You might already have replaced disposable plastic water bottles with a refillable one. Consider what a difference it could make if we all did the same with our cleaners.

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December 3, 2020
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