Keep Dust and Allergens at Bay This Spring

Keep Dust and Allergens at Bay This Spring with Infuse Cleaning System
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Keep Dust and Allergens at Bay This Spring

The Infuse All Purpose Cleaning Kit and These Tips Make It Simple

Ahhh, spring is in the air – and so are dust, pollen, mold, and other tiny terrors that can wreak havoc on allergies! Thankfully, with these maintenance tips you can dramatically reduce the red eyes, sneezing, and congestion that so many people experience this time of year.

Avoid heavily scented cleaners

Some fragrances and toxic ingredients that are added to many wipes and sprays, like those added to some laundry detergents, trigger allergic reactions in many people. Phthalates, for instance, are added to many fragrances to make their smell stronger and last longer.

Choose brands that are committed to not using toxic chemicals, either for cleaning power or for scent. Infuse cleaners are non-toxic, and our fragrances are created from synthetic and natural sources — including essential oils derived from fruits, flowers, tree moss, and oak moss

Vacuum less, use a spray mop more

Some particles are so small that they pass through regular vacuum filters, and even HEPA vacuums kick up some allergens without sucking them into the tube. So they end up in the air, and so in your eyes and nose. Spray mops use moisture to trap the particles, resulting in a cleaner sweep.

Dust regularly with a microfiber cloth

Our microfiber cleaning cloths use electrically charged fibers to pick up more dust than rags, dusters, or paper towels. Our All Purpose Microfiber Cloth is designed to trap dust particles, as well as come in handy for cleaning glass, stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, and sealed wood. 

They can be used wet or dry, and best of all they go into the washing machine after use, so it can be used over and over again.

Scrub your bathroom twice a month

To keep your shower or bath free from mold, scrub the tile, grout, and shower curtain every other week. Our bathroom kit is perfect for cleaning ceramic, porcelain, and glazed tile – as well as stainless steel, copper, chrome, and brass fixtures. The Infuse cleaning solution is powerful and biodegradable, quickly dissolving water spots, soap scum, mineral deposits, and mold.

Pay special attention to entryways

If you sweep your porch and walkway, you’ll reduce the dust and pollen that gets tracked into your house. And if you give a few extra minutes to the entry area into your house, cleaning in the corners with a spray mop, you’ll reduce it even further.

Wash and machine-dry your bedding weekly

Be sure that you wash with the hot water setting, to kill dust mites. And as beautiful as laundry can smell when air-dried on a clothesline, it actually serves as a net for pollen and even mold spores. 

Wear a mask while you clean

During the pandemic many of us saw our homes as the one place that we could take off our masks! But if you wear one while you clean, you can feel even more confident that you can remove it and breathe easy.

To recap:

  • Use non-toxic cleaning products with fragrances derived from natural ingredients
  • Use a spray mop and microfiber cleaning cloths to trap dust, rather than kick it back up into the air
  • Scrub away bathroom mold at least twice a month, before it starts growing
  • Give entry points into your home a bit of extra cleaning love
  • Weekly wash and machine dry your sheets
  • Mask up while you’re cleaning up!


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April 26, 2021
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