Reduce & reuse microfiber cleaning cloths.

Casabella Infuse Microfiber vs. Paper Towels

Reduce & reuse microfiber cleaning cloths.

Machine washable for less waste and more savings.

Those of us conscious about the environment, interested in household waste reduction, or want to save money on paper goods, will appreciate the value of reusable microfiber cloths.

Some believe that using paper towels is the most efficient way to clean. But we beg to differ. Not only do paper towels do a poor job of eliminating dust, they often leave residue on surfaces. How annoying is it to anticipate a clean surface but find a trail of paper towel lint instead?

If you’re wondering what is a microfiber cloth and what makes it so special, by design, microfiber cloths are the better choice because the microfibers actually grab the dirt and germs and hold on to them instead of spreading them around. Once the cleanup task is done, the microfiber cloths can be washed and placed back in your cleaning caddy ready to be reused.

A cloth for every surface.

The Casabella Infuse line offers surface specific, textured microfiber cloths to ensure each cleaning task is handled most efficiently. For starters, let’s take a look at the All Purpose Microfiber Cloth. This pretty purple cloth is designed to clean a variety of surfaces including sealed wood, glass and mirrors, stainless steel, porcelain and ceramic, and natural stone surfaces. Have you ever dusted off an old shelf to find the particles gather and fall to the floor to form a not-so-cute dust bunny? These cloths use electrically charged fibers to pick up dust, dirt, and other messes that stick to the cloth instead of pushing them away.

The second most used microfiber cloth you’ll get mileage out of is the Casabella Infuse Glass & Window Microfiber Cloths. Designed to give a streak-free shine on all types of glass surfaces, you’ll want to keep one by your home office computer, one in each bathroom, and a couple in your cleaning caddy for when you’re ready to take on those fingerprints on your mirrors and windows. The lint-free honeycomb texture cleans water spots, smudges, and dirt without streaking or scratching and can be used wet or dry. It’s safe on delicate glassware, windows and mirrors and great for cleaning and polishing electronic screens, like cell phones, laptops, TVs and computer monitors. Tip: Keep one in your car to wipe down that touchscreen. You’re welcome.

Finally, you’ll want to keep the green Infuse Bathroom Microfiber Cloths tucked under the bathroom sink to clean those stainless steel faucets and fixtures, as well as porcelain and ceramic surfaces. Depending on your need, the bathroom microfiber cloth can be used wet or dry, so go ahead and give that shower a nice scrub while the water is running. 


Infuse Microfiber Cloths

Designed with savings in mind.

All of the Casabella Infuse Microfiber Cloths are sold in a set of two 12” x 14” surface-specific cloths that are machine washable. To round out your reusable cleaning collection, we recommend pairing them with Casabella Infuse refillable and reusable spray bottles and cleaning concentrates. And guess what? Each cleaning kit color coordinates with its surface-specific microfiber cloth, making the spray and cloth the perfect pair.

While dollar-for-dollar, a roll of paper towels is less expensive than a microfiber cloth, in the long run, the cost per use on the microfiber cloth would win, hands-down. To add to that, reducing paper towel consumption is also the simplest way to go green. But we’re not here to make the good old paper towel feel completely obsolete. We still find value in having a roll or two on hand for patting dry foods when cooking, or cleaning up chemicals or raw germs. But when you reach for that roll, chose unbleached paper towels that you can then compost--the most environmentally friendly choice.

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November 30, 2020
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